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Modern Easi-Set Buildings

Easi-Set buildings from Modern are trans-portable, steel reinforced precast concrete buildings which feature a wide range of benefits. These buildings are weather-tight, secure, and maintenance-free. They offer the advantages of quick installation, no required footing, and a full spectrum of available sizes and finishes.

Meets BOCA, SBC, UBC, ICBO, UL, ANSI and ACI requirements
Patented in USA and Canada

  • Standard EASI-SET Building Dimensions:
    Exterior - 10‘ x 12‘, 12‘ x 16‘, 12‘ x 20‘, custom sizes available
    Interior Heights - 8‘, additional heights available
  • 5,000 psi steel-reinforced concrete
  • Standard double-doors, 6‘ x 6‘-8“ x 1 3/4“, 18 gauge galvanized steel, insulated, tamper-proof hinges, dead-bolt lock, adjustable mechanical door hold open arm, door stop & holder, rain guard
  • Extruded aluminum threshold with integral neoprene seal
    two screened aluminum vents, minimum 7“ x 18“, 12.5 gauge
  • Post-tensioned roof and floor, each by a single continuous tendon, creating radial compression in the roof and floor
  • Sloped roof panel with turned down roof edge and built in drip edge
  • Roof load capacity: 600 psf standard; higher loadings available
  • Wind load: 130 mph standard, higher loadings available
  • Standard brick finish; split face block and other finishes optional
  • Bullet tested to UL 752, Level 4 (30 caliber rifle fired at 15‘)
  • Floor load: 250 psf standard, additional capacities available


  • Durable: Impact resistant - upgraded post-tensioned design increases average compressive strengths by 28% and increases distribution of radial compressive forces by 33%
  • Weather-tight: special roof and floor design provides superior water-tight construction. Interior and exterior panel joints are caulked with polyurethane concrete sealant
  • Maintenance Free: will not rust, warp, corrode, rot or burn and retains finish without maintenance.
  • Heavy Duty Construction: galvanized insulated doors, deluxe door hardware and extruded aluminum threshold with integral seal are a few of the quality features
  • Secure:Vandal resistant - steel reinforced precast concrete construction, tamper-proof hinges, dead-bolt locks and steel doors
  • Fire resistant: standard fire rating of 1.5 hours. Additional protection available.
  • Earthquake resistant: Seismic Zone 4 rating
  • Hurricane resistant: withstands up to 130 mph wind loads (150 mph available)

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