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Modern Trench Drains

   Precast Concrete Trench Drain from Modern Concrete can help you solve a number of drainage problems quickly, efficiently, and most important of all:
Cost Effectively.

   Why do we make that claim? Nearly every other trench drain product requires a footer of at least 4-6" of concrete to make it traffic bearing. Any less than that - and the product will fail. Additionally, most other products require complex framing systems or two pours of concrete. This incurs unnecessary additional material and labor costs. And all that for a drain that carries less water and costs more!

   Contrarily, if you want a high capacity drain that is quick to install and at a fair price, then look no further than Modern's Precast Trench Drain. This product installs with speed - in just a few hours if you plan it right. Modern's drain can carry large volumes of water as it's available in 12, 16, 24, and 26 inch widths. (See the specifications page for more information) Also, the fabricated grates for Modern's Trench Drain are designed to HS-25 loading requirements and are available ADA approved to meet job requirements as a special order.

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